Micro City Design Project

The Micro City design was a four-week project that used city skylines to test the skill set on perspective modeling. Students randomly selected a U.S. city and begin to research landmark buildings and different skyline views to gain their personal perspective. They were given design rules and size constraints (100mm L x 100mm W x 100mm H) to keep the 3D models consistent in size. Because Tinkercad is web-based, a teacher can require the designing to be done as homework, and then focus limited face-to-face class time on teaching students how to operate the 3D printer and troubleshoot when needed. Over the duration of the project, students were required to check in to make sure they are keeping on task. Once they completed the project checklist, the staging process to prepare the 3D model for printing begun. The excitement and pride the students show when displaying their 3D-printed models is contagious: with their precise details and placement of each building or object, almost all of the models mirror the cities’ skylines exactly.